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We are PepperMints NFT

Most Powerful Solana NFT Bot

Best Tool in all of Solana

Through our success PepperMints is by far the best tool for minting and sniping on the whole blockchain.


Our very good development team ensures that the bot always runs stably and is permanently online.

High Quality

We always try to provide the best quality and experience for our users.

Big Community

A very big and helpful community which loves to help new members.

peppermints bot

About PepperMints

PepperMints is a Solana Minting and Sniping Bot

PepperMints is a Top Tier Minting and Sniping Bot made for the Solana Chain.

PepperMints supports a variety of Minting Tools and Utilites. PepperMints always comes with new updates and improvements which are suggested by the members.

The Best Sniper in all of Solana

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Team Members

Our Amazing Team Members



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Frequently Aksed Questions


How much is renewal?


$100 per month.

When is Renewal?


the renewal times vary depending on the pepper. you can check it with /check in #commands

What happens if I don’t pay my renewal?


You will lose access to software. You can renew at anytime you want to gain your access back, we wont Burn your Pepper.



185 Renewals. 15 Lifetimes.

How much instances on different machines can I use in same time with the bot?


The amount of instances are unlimted per machine, Renewal has 1 binding, Lifetime has 2.

How does the lifetime pass differ from the renewal?

With the lifetime pass, you do not have to pay renewal and you can use bot on another Server at same time.

What operating systems are supported for the software?

-Windows -Apple -Linux

Does RPCs comes along with the bot?


Can I rent the bot?

No, renting is strictly forbidden.

How many Collections can i Snipe with Pepper?

As many as you want as far as your Server can handle it.


What can PepperMints do?




We support tons of different minting sites, some are:

-magiceden / wl / token mint

-cmv2 / wl / freeze / civic


-lmnft / wl wallet / wl token




-trustlabs wl


-formfunction antibot


We support tons of different marketplaces, some are:













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